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 Krauersaut's DracoMaster App

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PostSubject: Krauersaut's DracoMaster App   Sat 7 Jun - 6:47

...hi Smile

1 ) Who showed you this forum?
R: Nobody "showed" it to me - I'm a very frequent user on Pokemon Showdown!, and thus, see a LOT of DracoMasters, all of whom I'm on extremely good terms with.

2 ) What are your nicknames or aliases?
R: Krauersaut, Imprior, Dvertimento, various wordplays on aforementioned, qwasedfcvgbhn.

3 ) Have you been in a clan before? If yes, which one?
R: This clan isn't for Pokemon, but I used to be an admin for =F|A=, ( a TF2/BF/CoD/W:ET gaming site.

4 ) Why do you want to join Dragon Masters?
R: Like I said up there, I'm friends with a lot of the members, and I think being accepted into the clan would increase my skill in playing and meet some new friends/become even better with some old ones.

5 ) What is your playing level (Rookie, Intermediate, Expert, Veteran)? You can also show ladder prints.
R: Ehh, I'd say around Intermediate.

ubers 1626 80 1763 ± 36 -- 186 129 1 (I know that the applicant rate is over 80% of wins, but I'm hoping to be an "exception", as I've played with/against and won against several well known users, both DracoMasters and not.

6 ) When did you started playing Pokémon?
R: Got Pokemon Ruby in 2005, and have loved Pokemon since!

7 ) Do you have any tournament or cup titles?
R: Not as of now, but I'm currently participating in UPL and Haruno's XY Uber tournament (which I'm in round 3 of).

8 ) What is your favorite Pokémon?
R: Froslass Wink

9 ) Where are you from?
R: Born in Burnaby, B.C (just on the edges of Vancouver), and currently live in Calgary, Alberta.

10 ) Do you have Skype or Facebook?
R: Yup. Skype is Krauersaut, Facebook I'd rather keep private.

11 ) What other online games do you play?
R: Too many to list :)Just a few of my favorites are League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, CoD, Facebook game apps, the ist goes on.

12 )What is your favorite Pokémon site, forum, community?
R: Well, the only ones I've been exposed to are Smogon, PS! and Pokemon Online, but PO is running oddly with my Macbook, so I'm mostly on Smogon and PS.

13 ) Have you ever battled a Dragon Masters member before? If yes, then prove with logs (if possible).
R: I sadly don't have logs, but I'm hoping they can verify.

Justinjiaxinghu - 6-2 W:L
Sasha the Master ! - 0-1 W:L
Hyw - 3-2 W:L (The most recent of which was a win against him in UPL)
Arsenal - 1-2 W:L
Tesung - 1-2 W:L (although he's beaten me several times when team-testing on both/either sides ;P)
Axewound - 0-1 W:L
Modern Combat - 3-0 W:L (although I'm not sure he's a DM...)
Leon (Taking Souls) - 1-1 W:L
Blue Jay - 1-3 W:L
Kebabe - 1-3 W:L
Liimujx - 2-0 W:L

14 ) Which server do you generally play in and what tiers?

R: Pokemon Showdown - Mainly Ubers and Doubles, but I meddle around in all official Smogon tiers.

15 ) What is your favorite online Pokémon battling simulator?
R: Pokemon Showdown!

Attach the screenshot showing that you have attained the clan's entry requirement here:

A few notes -

First of all, I'm a grade 8 student at a "smrt" school. Hopefully, I come across as more mature than the stereotype, but hey. Also, please don't feel the need to act any differently when I'm around due to my age.

Next - I tried to register the username "Krauersaut" on the website, but it said it was taken, so I'm wondering if I made an account a while ago and forgot about it, or what ;P

Thanks for considering me!
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PostSubject: Re: Krauersaut's DracoMaster App   Sat 7 Jun - 21:04

In Pokémon, the number of victories means more than who you win against, so the exception that you requested cannot be granted.


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Krauersaut's DracoMaster App
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