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 xplocve "The Explosive" 2nd application

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PostSubject: xplocve "The Explosive" 2nd application    Wed 4 Jun - 17:40

1 ) Who showed you this forum?
R: Dracomaster Hyw and Dracomaster Piggeh

2 ) What are your nicknames or aliases?
R: xplocve, xplocve lee and UXQ Draco (a tournament alt requirement on smogon xy ubers -> )

3 ) Have you been in a clan before? If yes, which one?
R: No. Not at all.

4 ) Why do you want to join Dragon Masters?
R: I’ve been playing Gen 5 ubers tier since October 2013 and fairly enough to win battles when its ladder just suddenly reset. As I started getting higher up the ladder, towards the end of gen 5 when I hardly found a ladder battle, I started seeing players with the “DracoMaster” thing in front of their names. And I’ve noticed that all of them had one thing in common: an extremely art of play and tactics. I remembering battling Sasha and for sure I got smashed up since I cannot forget that name. Been high up in ladder of Gen 6 and got voiced when Dracomaster Hyw arrived as a normal user – suddenly became voiced and then driver that caught my attention. I haven’t battled him before but it seems to be a tough dude due to its shiny “Dracomaster” trophy before the name. Asks him bout the Dracomaster clan, make friends with him and challenged for the first time. The result is the same as Sasha, however, he rewarded me with his respect due to the great game I showed him. I’m starting to learn more about the clan and then decided that I wanted to join. It’s just a sincere and unquestionable interest that brought me here, and the fact that this clan had such a high standards.

5 ) What is your playing level (Rookie, Intermediate, Expert, Veteran)? You can also show ladder prints.
R: Intermediate I guess. See the following links:  MY RANKINGS me vs. OPTIC GAGA me vs. STEVE ANGELO me vs. ORCH me vs. MELEE MEWTWO me vs. SPIRAL CORE me vs. RILEY DELETE me vs. PENGUIN BRAWL me vs. KING MIDAS me vs. NOOB me vs. MEGAMAN775 me vs. SLIFER2500  me vs. MRG17

6 ) When did you started playing Pokémon?
R: 2001, the time of Sandslash

7 ) Do you have any tournament or cup titles?
R: XY Ubers

8 ) What is your favorite Pokémon?
R: Yveltal

9 ) Where are you from?
R: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

10 ) Do you have Skype or Facebook?
R: Yes

11 ) What other online games do you play?
R: Nothing but Pokemon Showdown

12 )What is your favorite Pokémon site, forum, community?
R:,, and

13 ) Have you ever battled a Dragon Masters member before? If yes, then prove with logs (if possible).
R: DM Hyw, DM Bossnes and DM Piggeh. See the following links: me vs. DM Hyw me vs. DM Bossnes me vs. DM Piggeh

14 ) Which server do you generally play in and what tiers?
R: Main server on PS.
Home tier is Ubers and starting to ladder on OU and UU

15 ) What is your favorite online Pokémon battling simulator?
R: Pokemon Showdown

Attach the screenshot showing that you have attained the clan's entry requirement here:

This is my current alt on the Tournament for XY Ubers:
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Dragon Master
Dragon Master

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PostSubject: Re: xplocve "The Explosive" 2nd application    Wed 4 Jun - 17:54

Barely after 3 weeks, this guys makes a new app, indicating that he really wants to do this, and it seems like he really have respect for this clan. As one of the last thing I will do in this clan, I will vote Postive for Xplocve. I might sadly not be here for much longer, but I at least hope this guy will be accepted. He has potential and is really good at this game, ofc he can be better, but that is why he has come here in the first place.
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Sasha The Master !
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Clan Leader

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PostSubject: Re: xplocve "The Explosive" 2nd application    Wed 4 Jun - 20:36

Sasha The Master ! wrote:
hyw wrote:
Anyway, my point is that he would be a great addition to the clan. It's also very lonely on Pokémon Showdown so an active clan mate in the Ubers room would be very pleasant.

As i felt bad about you myself before you mentioned this, and thanks to my trust in your judgments, i will vote Postive.

although you both, Moonbase and Piggeh are surrounded by degenerates from the Ubers room, i would like to have more faith in your loyalty, and hope for Xplocve to be as loyal.



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Gas Pedal
Dragon Master
Dragon Master

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PostSubject: Re: xplocve "The Explosive" 2nd application    Thu 5 Jun - 6:58

Positive he seems like great player and a chill guy
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Dragon Master
Dragon Master

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PostSubject: Re: xplocve "The Explosive" 2nd application    Thu 5 Jun - 13:16

Really wants to get ingot he clan, judging by his actions of making a new application very soon after his last one.

Still would like to have a battle sometime, but still Postive.
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Imma Fly

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PostSubject: Re: xplocve "The Explosive" 2nd application    Sat 7 Jun - 19:03

The time period for voting is over. Since xplocve has obtained lesser than 12 votes, he is rejected from the clan.

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PostSubject: Re: xplocve "The Explosive" 2nd application    

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xplocve "The Explosive" 2nd application
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