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 A Complete Guide On How To EV

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PostSubject: A Complete Guide On How To EV   Mon 17 Feb - 0:19

A Complete Guide on How to Correctly EV

As of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the Stat Experience system from previous generations was overhauled in favor for the new EV system, which has been present in all Pokémon games ever since. With the introduction of the EV system, no longer can a Pokémon have all six of its stats maximized, but instead, they are given 510 EV points. For each 4 EV points placed in a stat, the stat increases by 1 point, with 252 EV points in any given stat maximizing that stat, meaning that in any generation after Generation II, a Pokémon can only have two stats maximized. This has added an entirely new dimension of depth to the art of teambuilding, as whereas trainers did not need to think anything about their Pokémon's stats in the past, where they only needed to use a Pokémon with every single stat maximized, except for possibly minimizing the Attack stat if it wasn't used in order to lower confusion damage as much as possible, the EV system, along with Natures which were introduced in the very same generation, has forced trainers to think about where to allocate their limited EV points when teambuilding, in order to make their Pokémon's stats most optimal for what they are used for. Optimizing a Pokémon's EVs can be a dauntingly confusing task for inexperienced trainers, and this guide will serve to outline all of the general rules and principles on how to correctly EV a Pokémon.

The Basics

Most of you already know this, but it's still important to know when EV'ing. Each poke can have a total of 510 EV's, maximum 255 in a single stat. The main rule when at lvl 100, is that 4 EV's in a stat will boost it by 1. This means that you can only use 508 of your EV's in total and only 252 in one stat at lvl 100. There is a different kind of mechanic when playing LC at lvl 5.
IV's on the other hand, is up to 31 in each stat and they decide which type of Hidden Power your poke has.


Entry Hazards, Weather, Status and Life Orb are all examples of small Chip Damage that annoys your pokes. The amount of damage in % these small things inflict, can be modified by EV'ing. So by having an odd number as your HP stat will reduce the damage inflicted by 1. It's not much, but when using SR weak pokes like Talonflame and Ninjask, those small deifferenses are enough to make them live longer and switch into SR twice before dying. While your poke might not be weak to SR or Spikes, it is still recomended to have an odd number as their HP stat, especially if they are you Spinner, Defogger or a poke with Substitute. There's also is a thing called a Life Orb number. And that is when your HP's number ends with the number 9. while it won't matter much in practical and realistic situasions, it makes you able to attack 1 more time with your attacks before dying. In fact, any number that is not divisible by 4 can be used a Life Orb Number and yields pretty much the same effect.
Pokemon with both Sturdy and Leftovers should always have an odd number for HP, because this let's them switch into SR or Spikes and if not getting touched, Leftovers will heal just enough to activate Sturdy again on the second turn.

While it is reccomended to have an odd number as your HP stat, it might not always be advantageous. An exception can be made for example if it is your suicide lead who won't really be bothered much by chip damage, but there's a lot of others reasons you should not have an odd number as your HP stat. Many Berries that activate at 25% or 50% remaining health, like pinch Berries and Sitrus Berry, are nice to get activated earlier. Those Berries are often used in tandem with Sub or Belly Drum, and it is much better activating your pinch berries at 25% left of your health than at 1% (if used with sub), or Belly Drum immeadiatly activating your Sitrus Berry, instead of taking chip damage or a hit before it kicks in.
Pokemon with the ability Magic Guard, should also not have an odd number (asuming they have Leftovers and not having Sub), because they don't care about chip damage, and their Lefovers recovery will be boosted.
When using Moves that drain HP from your oponent, having less HP, means more HP (in %) recovered. This means that HP investment on pokes with Leech Seed and strong Draining moves (Oblibion Wing, Drain Punc, etc...) becomes less important, but remember to not let it affect your overall bulk! A SpDefensive Ferro, should always carry around nearly max HP.
While investing in the HP stat is not that important when using draining moves, it becomes important to do invest if the poke often uses moves with recoil (Talonflame, Ho-Oh, Crobat, etc…) They should always consider how much to invest and try to find a nice balance between offense and bulk. Investing in HP in those mons are way better than investig in Def / SpD.

If a poke is Immune to most forms of chip damage (like Gliscor), they can have a HP stat divisable by 2, to increase their form of recovery in the best way possible, just like a Magic Guard user would.

Deffence; HP or (Special)Deffence?

I have 252 EV's to use, I want my poke to be a physical wall... should I put my all EV's in HP or Def, or should I give him 124 in both? This is something many players think about when giving EV's meant for deffence, but what is the correct way to do it? I depends on the poke. The main rule is as following; The bulk of a poke is optimal when their defences and HP stat matches. In other words, the closer the defensive stat is to the HP stat, the bulkier it becomes. This is because Bulk is determined by multiplication and not addition. To find out what's more bulky, simply multiply their HP stat with the defensive stat and compare it to other sets. A simple example is that 10*10 is more than 11*9. So when making a wall, check their HP stat and their defensive stat and start with investing in the lower one. A pure physical wall or special wall will often simply maximize both HP and the deffensive stat, but when you want to sacrifice some bulk, just remove EV's from the higest of the two stats. Eviolite and other similar items does not affect the definition of optimal bulk.

When I say invest in the lower one, I talk about when they are gonna be either pshysically- or speacially deffenisve (It don’t apply in the same way to mixed walls). But there is some times this has another meaning. And that is when the poke has a sky-high HP stat (Blissey and Chansey). Why do people invest in their physical defenses when they are a Special wall to begin with? that is because giving them 252 HP will only boost their overall HP with ~10%, while doing the same in deffence, will boosts it with 95%. While boosting their SpD will give them around 20% more bulk. There is a big difference in numbers here, which the def boost makes it worth it, and then you should think about investing in HP or SpD afterwards.

Mixed Walls on the other hand shouldn’t focus on making their defenses and HP stat the same. Instead the should start off by maxing the HP stat first, and then continuing with their defenses. Blissey and Chansey don't have to do it this way, because their HP is alreadysky-high. (But they still can without it making too much of a difference.)


Speed is always really improtant to keep in mind when EV'ing. Should you give him max speed because he's a sweeper, or should you not care and invest everything in bulk and attack instead? Or maybe you should speedcreep a little? Regardless if you're using a wall, a sweeper, or a bulky attacker, the Speed stat is important. You should always consider the benefits of outspeeding, and sometimes outslowing other pokes. Walls with viable recovery should always have some speed EV's (8-12 is nice, imo) in order to almost always outspeed the same wall, and getting off a Recover or a Slack Off, before they are able to hit you with anything. This can really save you when your wall is at low health, or when you need to outspeed the other wall to get the kill before they heal. If the wall does not have a reliable recovery, or he's a cleric with Heal Bell or Aromatherapy support, winning the speed ties is not as important. Using Heal Bell after they Toxic you is more beneficial, than doing it before you get toxiced. For example, a Blissey with Wish and Heal Bell, don't need to outspeed any other pink blob, so reducing it's speed is can often be beneficial. There's a lot of things like that to think about, you must also wanna think about beeing fatser than other slow Taunt users like Mandibuzz. And beeing Slower also means weaker Gyro Balls. A wall must always think about its speed, so try and find out what's important and what's not when giving speed to your wall.

When talking about bulky offense, there's only needed just enough speed to outspeed some key threats that is slower. Some slower pokes can often speedcreep in order to be able to cacth oponents off guard.
A Sweeper, on the other hand should almost always run 252 Speed, just in order to be as fast as possible and risking speedties is something a sweeper must do. Wether or not you chose a +speed nature is entirely up to you.
If the sweeper is a bulky sweeper that either carries priority (E-Killer, SD Scizor), or is extremely bulky (CM Reuniclus), investing in speed isn't that important. It can be put in HP to add a nice overall bulk instead. Applies more to the bulky sweepers without priority.


Offensive EV's are pretty straight forward and there's nothing much to say about this. But when buffing a poke's strenght you should try and find out how much you need to OHKO some key pokes. You'll probably need to max the attack for this, but it's something you can think about if you feel that you don't need max attack. This Damage Calculator is a nice way to calc your strenght.


Maximazing your IV's is often the best option, but there are some few exceptions. The first one beeing Trick Room, where you'r speed IV shuold be 0. Or if you're using a spacial attacker, then his IV's in Attack should be 0 (this gets more important the more common Foul Play is in that tier). You can also, remove all the IV's in HP and both Defenses if you're using A Custap Lead, or a  poke with Sash+Reversal, in order to get low health faster. The only other reason to change IV's would be to get the preffered Type (and power in gen5) of Hidden Power (more about this below.)

4 EV's left... What to do?

You'll often find yourself having 4 EV's left to use on your poke. The two main factors that decide where those should be put is if your poke is deos not resist common priority, or if Download is common and you can make them get a boost that is advantageus for yourself. So in most cases it should be put in physical deffence over HP and SpD, if less it can effect your oposing Download abusers. In Ubers, every Arceus form that does not resist both of Genesect’s STABs should always have 4 EV’s in Def to prevent him from getting +1 Attack. While in UU, where Porygon2 and Z are common, the remaining 4 EV's should be put in SpD as long as it makes them always get a Atk boost instead of the SpA boost. If not, then just put it in Def.
The 4 remaining EV's should not be put in HP, if less it's a suicide lead or a Magic Guard user that don’t already have max HP. If it's a wall, you can also consider putting it in the speed stat.

Hidden Power

For gen6 Hidden power is kinda lame. It's power is always 60, and it slightly changes your IV's.

But in gen5! It's power is maximum 70. If you want to have a Hidden Power and reduced stats, you can lower your IV's down to 2 or 3 (depending if that IV is at 30 or 31 when the Hidden Power type has been decided.) On top of that you can even modify it to fit "common" needs, like having much power, but as low attack as possible, or having a power that is boosted by technician or even boosted by Technician whilst fitted for Trick Room. there's many more possibilities in gen5. More about this on Smogon

LC EVs are quite different then in all other tiers. Because pokemon are level 5 instead of 100, EVs do not effect stat gain the same way as they would in level 100 tiers. Simply investing 252 EVs in a particular stat means you're just throwing away free EVs that could be invested elsewhere. On the contrary, investing 4 EVs in a stat won't have any effect at all.

Knowing the right amount of EVs needed to affect stat gain is extremely important. Calculating the right number of EVs revolves solely around the base stats of the pokemon being EV'd and can be shown by this equation: Stat gain = ((((2 * Base + IV + (EV / 4)) * 5 / 100 + 5) * Nature), where Base is the base stat and nature is either 1.1, 1, or .9 depending on how it effects the stat being calculated. All division performed should be rounded down to the nearest whole number in order to perform calculations. The above equation doesn't work on HP stat calcs. Use this one for HP calcs: HP Gain = (((2 * Base + IV + (EV / 4)) * 5 / 100 + 15).

Most people don't like using the equations to solve for the right number of EVs every time they build a team, so here is a chart of EVs needed to boost stats.

Base Stats that end in a "0": 36 EVs (+1), 116 EVs (+2), 196 EVs (+3)

Base Stats that end in a "1": 28 EVs (+1), 108 EVs (+2), 188 EVs (+3)

Base Stats that end in a "2": 20 EVs (+1), 100 EVs (+2), 180 EVs (+3)

Base Stats that end in a "3": 12 EVs (+1), 92 EVs (+2), 172 EVs (+3), 252 EVs (+4)

Base Stats that end in a "4": 4 EVs (+1), 84 EVs (+2), 164 EVs (+3), 244 EVs (+4)

Base Stats that end in a "5": 76 EVs (+1), 156 EVs (+2), 236 EVs (+3)

Base Stats that end in a "6": 68 EVs (+1), 148 EVs (+2), 228 EVs (+3)

Base Stats that end in a "7": 60 EVs (+1), 140 EVs (+2), 220 EVs (+3)

Base Stats that end in a "8": 52 EVs (+1), 132 EVs (+2), 212 EVs (+3)

Base Stats that end in a "9": 44 EVs (+1), 124 EVs (+2), 204 EVs (+3)


  • The above chart is a pattern. After the first x EVs are invested to raise a stat by 1, 80 EVs are added to x to increase the stat by 2, 160 for an increase of 3, and 240 for an increase of 4. 8 EVs differentiates the starting number x (EVs needed to raise a stat by 1) from each base stat ending.
  • Lower IVs can be negated by adding an extra 4 EVs for each lowered IV. Example: a Murkrow with an Atk IV of 31 need 236 EVs for max atk. A Murkrow with an Atk IV of 30 needs 240 EVs for max atk. Remember this when using Hidden Power.
  • When using Eviolite, having even numbered defense stats gives a better net gain stats overall. Example: A Mienfoo with 116 EVs in Def (w/ a positive nature) and 36 EVs will have 21 Def and 18 SDef with Eviolite factored in. A Mienfoo with 36 Def (w/ a positive nature) and 116 SDef EVs will have 19 Def and 19 SDef with Eviolite factored in. Mienfoo 1 will have higher overall stats than Mienfoo 2 because its Defenses pre-eviolite are even numbers. Obviously, this has its uses, but think before applying it. You might need Mienfoo 2's extra 1 SDef point in some key calcs.
  • Life Orb recoil is reduced to 1 if the user's HP is less than 20, so lowering a pokemon using LO's IVs can help increase its longevity. Example: LO Bunnelby w/ 31 HP IVs has 20 HP and takes 2 damage in recoil per attack. LO Bunnelby w/ 23 HP IVs has 19 HP and take 1 damage in recoil per attack.

I hope this LC EV and IV guide helps!


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A Complete Guide On How To EV
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