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 General Ubers Analysis

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PostSubject: General Ubers Analysis   Mon 17 Feb - 0:15

games taking more turns is only letting one do more mistakes while playing ,thus making losses/wins more stable ,hence the ladder aswell.
on top of that crits being nerfed is slightly making hax less dangerous and unfair, on the other hand people r spreading twave on almost like every single member of their team just to compensate with what Game Freak did.

-Arceus-Normal: i must say that Arceus normal is still dangerous but with Wisp's accuracy increasing they r being weakened quickly...soon it will be extincted (wish it was true)
-Kyogre :Weather nerd didn't really affect Kyogre's main sets (speces and scarf) as they never really stay more than 5 turns on the field anyway...but lefties sleep talkers sets kinda died
-Groudon :didn't get affected by weather nerf at all since it never used that advantage anyway
-Darkrai :still no one is really prepared for this guy,so it kinda became more effective,however it's still not reliable due to the weak accuracy moves it needs
-Genesect: no idea why everyone suddenly stopped using this guy, i still find it good and scary against Mewtwo (especially Y)
-Mewtwo-Y: interesting for now but imo will get reduced in usage soon as it's not really that better than a CM Mewtwo since his nerfed Def stats went to S.def while it needed the Def ones more
-Mewtwo-X: Taunt should be its #1 move, sad how his psychic type physical moves suck,still low kick/drain punch aren't that bad, and it sets aren't really clear which one to be better than the other yet (wether drain punch bulk up or full offense sets)
-Yveltal : Taunt,Foul play,sucker punch,Oblivion wing,Dark Pulse,Focus blast,high speed, this guy is obviously no joke, it only needed Defog to be perfect
-Xerneas : Geomancy set is kinda getting lame as everyone has a counter for it now, i find other sets to be more interesting and useful with this stallish metagame
-Ho-oh : Probably Best mon this Gen...the reason why everyone is countering the shit out of it....same old sets are still as effective
-Lugia : Probably second best mon this gen,what's better than Lugia in stall teams ?
-Arceus-Rock : good job existsing , otherwise Ho-oh would be Broken as the only other reliable counter i found is Heatran, works pretty well but GG Against EQ sets
however this guy can be bulky as fuck,scare the shit outta Ho-oh, Defog dirty grounds, wisp Arceus Normal......awesome arceus imo (don't kill me if i say so but i find it better than Ekiller this gen) i recommend max HP max Def set as it's working perfectly for me
-Arceus-Fairy : yeah everyone uses this guy just because it's fairy or a new does well in support though as its weaknesses don't really exist in Ubers (Poison ? Steel ? really ?).
-Arceus-steel: does it exist for another reason than "i want to counter fairies ?" not so sure...wisp,SD,Iron Head,Espeed might be useful.
-Palkia : Assault vest set is kinda useful as it counters Kyogre even harder than before, and since most well built team have a Kyogre counter...i find it good to be put in the team.
-Dialga : not sure why but this guy isn't good in offensive leader r however doing a great job and OFC the famous T-wave sets.
-Aegislash: good guy but it's a 50/50 prediction against Arceus and is garbage against Groudon otherwise it would have done great.
-Talonflame: i mean ur good and all but Ubers isn't ur place.
-Ditto:: kinda useful especially with many Setup Pokes existing such as Ekiller and Geomancy Xerneas but ruins the game imo.
-Rayquaza: still haven't battled a single one...also even though his ability was utter garbage it's even more garbage now thanks to the weather nerf...sad though.
-Kyurem-W: suddenly disappeared from teams, i guess because everyone is testing new pokes and all, the reason why it has no place.
-Zekrom :should be used way more as it threatens the 2 most powerful Pokemon and Yveltal too good in Ubers this Gen.
-Ferrothorn : i find it good but it became old somehow (ofc everyone can use it for T-wave i mean -_-)
-Giratina-O : one of main Pokemon i used in Gen 5...not working as a lead this Gen AT ALL....maybe finding a better place for it in the middle of rain teams would be better, i must say that surprising Stone Edge is kinda unpredictably dangerous,wisp is a MUST on it.
-Giratina-A : too good wisper and staller...even with Xerneas being on the planet this guys is still so good but only in stall teams...its ability to re-survive is just so useful in stall teams
-Gliscore: best statues absorber...Taunt for a stall breaker...Toxic to stall on its own...must be used way more along with a kyogre counter imo.
-Pink Bulbs :Special attacks increased in usage just because this is how the meta is going...even though they ruin the game's coolness they r still useful.
-Mega Gengar : awesome stall breaker thanks to taunt/disable and its poison type but i still find it frail...i think it needs more time to become more effective
-Mega Blaziken : 1 predicted SD from this guy,3/4 of ur team is's just that no one dares to give him a megastone
-Carbink : no idea why i'm putting this guy here but it's cute :3 and kinda awesome typing VS Ho-oh
-Reshiram : shame how weather nerf affected this Pokemon's Blue flare...with Fairy type existing its Dragon Pulse can now be absorbed easily, not sure what set it can now use, or if it's even worth using in the first place.
-Scizor :seeing a lot of banded Scizor simply to counter Xerneas,not sure if there is another use for Banded set
but Mega scizor is way more interesting for 4 reasons, it almost does the same amount of damage against Xerneas,it has more chances of setting up,possibility of using Defog, and finally with this great Defense it can now do a lot of work countering Arceus Extreme killer
-Mega-Kangaskhan having used it in OU I can tell it can do well in Ubers,however I was wrong as I don't see the pokemon to be special in Ubers,ferrothorn being present a lot in the tier makes Kangaskhan less dangerous and on top of that it barely survives 2 hits from any pokemon in Ubers

Did i forget something ?


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General Ubers Analysis
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