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 ygo's application form

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Dragon Master
Dragon Master

Warning : Perfect
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PostSubject: ygo's application form   Sat 21 Sep - 21:35

1 ) Who showed you this forum?
R: TheLegendSasha (Sasha The Master)

2 ) What are your nicknames or aliases?
R: ygo, ygo[test], ygo is testing

3 ) Have you been in a clan before? If yes, which one?
R: No, never.

4 ) Why do you want to join Dragon Masters?
R: I wanna join a community that has a great level of battling.

5 ) What is your playing level (Rookie, Intermediate, Expert, Veteran)? You can also show ladder prints.
R: It depends on the tier, but I have great knowledge about Uber tier. So Intermediate in OU and UU, Veteran in Uber.

6 ) When did you started playing Pokémon?
R: 3rd gen I think.

7 ) Do you have any tournament or cup titles?
R: No, I haven't joined any.

8 ) What is your favorite Pokémon?
R: Definitely Swampert.

9 ) Where are you from?
R: Switzerland, so forgive me if my English isn't that good.

10 ) Do you have Skype or Facebook?
R: I do have both, but I won't link my Facebook profile into any website.

11 ) What other online games do you play?
R: LeagueOfLegends, that's all. And I'm bad at it.

12 )What is your favorite Pokémon site, forum, community?
R: Smogon?

13 ) Have you ever battled a Dragon Masters member before? If yes, then prove with logs (if possible).
R: Yes, but I don't save logs. If you ask for it next time i'll save the log.

14 ) Which server do you generally play in and what tiers?
R: Pokemon Online, Ubers, OU, and UU(I played BW1, and peaked around 15th). On Pokemon Showdown, almost only Uber.

15 ) What is your favorite online Pokémon battling simulator?
R: It's hard to say. Pokemon showdown seems more active, though.

Attach the screenshot showing that you have attained the clan's entry requirement here:

(18:21:26) ±Porygon: Your rank in Wifi Ubers is 6/37562 [1543 points / 145 battles]!
(sasha can approve seeing my peak himself because i don't have a screen shot)
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Sasha The Master !
Clan Leader
Clan Leader

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PostSubject: Re: ygo's application form   Sat 21 Sep - 22:26

as i have invited Ygo, and battled him many times, and seen his peaks myself
i'd like to welcome Ygo to the clan without votes....
please, remember to make ur introduction here

Thread Closed


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ygo's application form
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